Our Clients

We love working with clients and we love seeing them succeed.

They come from companies large and small and from a wide range of industries. But they all have one thing in common: they want to build a great business.

And, it’s important to us that they succeed in building that great business. Why? Besides the fact that our success depends upon their success, we work with clients who do amazing things in their work and in their community. When they succeed in both, it pays dividends not just for us but for the larger network of people, institutions and movements connected to that business.

That’s what drives us to work harder and it’s why we’re different from than the typical agency where senior personnel often disappear after the contract is signed. That’s not how we operate.

At Pollak Web Consulting, we believe great work doesn’t happen without a personal commitment to our clients. That personal touch is part of what makes us unique and lets our clients rest easy knowing they can always reach the people in charge of their project. We won’t disappear and we won’t disappoint.

Our personal commitment is reflected in our project list, which has climbed into the 100s with clients coming from all over the United States and from dozens of industries.

Select clients include

Callaway Gardens

We worked with this famed resort to help improve the SEO on their website and provided help with landing pages.

Langdale Industries, Inc.

We helped Langdale overhaul their website, convert the old CMS to WordPress and improve their SEO.

Keeping It Specially Simple

This education start-up needed a new website. We created a custom theme built in WordPress.

Right Your Resume

This unique resume consulting business needed a website with e-commerce capabilities, including special coding to hook into Pay Pal’s API for payment notifications.

Dental Depot Insurance

This dental insurance business needed a new website so they could collect leads. Pollak Web Consulting built a custom theme in WordPress to the client’s exact specifications.

Insurance Depot

This health insurance business needed a fresh website in order to collect leads. Pollak Web Consulting built a custom theme in WordPress to the client’s exact specifications.

AME Siding, Inc.

This Crossville, Tenn., building supply firm needed a new website and Pollak Web Consulting provided both design and coding services.

Health Plan Store

This Atlanta-based business needed a new website with paid memberships and payments integration. Pollak Web Consulting designed and coded a new WordPress theme with custom plugin coding.

How To Decorate

This website, one of the largest internior design blogs out there, needed help with content creation and SEO.

Gina Kellis, Esq.

This Atlanta-based attorney needed a website. Pollak Web Consultants built a new WordPress site.

Pomerance and Associates

This Atlanta-based public relations firm sought help with coding for a new website. Pollak Web Consulting provided the know-how to implement a new custom WordPress theme.

Law Offices of Jill Pogash Michaels

This law firm asked for technical help with their website as well as an SEO audit. Pollak Web Consulting fulfilled both requests.

And many more.

We’d love to have you join our growing list of happy clients. Let’s talk soon.